Here is the bike I'm starting with.  

It is a Pacific Premier (12 Speed Tourer.)  Honestly, I can't find anything about this bike on the net.  I have determined that there is a bicycle manufacturer called Pacific that seems to make a lot of different brands and sources to the non-bike store.  But really no info on what they did back in the early 80's which is when I think this bike is from.

So, the bike now has rust in a lot of places - cranks, some on the frame, chain, sprockets, spokes, rims, and handlebars.  I don't know what I'll be able to salvage - I'm hoping at least the frame.  Some characteristics:

  • 27 inch rims.  And they are actually steel rims.  Gotta go.
  • 31 lbs.  Based on the tried and true bathroom scale.  Its heavy.

Current Strategy is highly influenced by the lack of budget.  I'm going to try to salvage what I can on this bike to build it into a fixed gear, but any money I do spend, I want it to be good money. 

 I know at a minumum I'm going to need a new wheel for the rear, plus drive train components for the fixed gear conversion.  So, I'll be replacing the rear wheel, with the idea that it could live past the life of this bike, potentially onto a new frame etc.

 Demolition and part procurement upcoming...


Also, I think at a minumum I'm going to post each weekend as that is where I will have the time to spend on this project.


Happy building,